Week 06


Table of Contents

Tuesday 10/15
Welcome back!

  • Read: Nadieh Bremmer’s recent blog posting: “The Design Process…”
  • Part 2: Research and Sketches. Figuring what information, you have and how to best to represent it. First (very rough) draft of  InfoGraphic poster ready to present to class

1. I have edited everyone’s Phase 1 Homework.
>> Please find your homework doc, open it up and review my comments to you: Week5 Homework-Phase1

2. Make sure you come to class next Tuesday with the following (for more detail Review lecture):

  • Finalize your content (make edits based on my feedback to you)
  • Find reference and inspiration materials
  • Draft of the actual poster: Create at least three charts in Illustrator related to data you have collected
  • Ten sketches of your layout and related ideas book
  • Typefaces you are planning to work with
In Class
  • Part 3: Develop concept and refine sketches (charts and graphs)

Part 3: Develop concept and refine sketches (charts and graphs). Aim for a solid draft for next week.

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