Week 11


Table of Contents

Tuesday 011/19/19

  • Phase 1 Project 2
  • In class 3 minute presentations of sketches and topic
  • Review goals of good information design
  • Presentation
    • Gorgia Lupi
    • Rocco Piscatello
  • Work on developing and flushing out your ideas for diagram
  • Look for inspiration: John Grimwad

Part 3: Develop concept and refine sketches:

  • Design your focal image. This should be clear, beautiful and stylized. You can use photography, or an illustration (digital or hand-drawn). Work should be original
  • Flush out your content, create a mind-mapping chart to help focus subject.  Organize all content that will appear in your diagram as an outline in a Word.doc.
  • Research a few examples to reference as inspiration

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