Week 04


Tuesday 09/17/19

  • Decide on topic for Info Graphic
  • Research topic. Find at least three resources with relevant data.
  • Project 1 – Phase 1 – Worksheet
  • Finish Graphs – Work on creating your unique pie chart design
  • Finish Phase 1 Worksheet
  • Continue to research project and start sketching ideas into your sketch book
  • Refine your Pie chart – turn it into a unique visual design
  • The CUNY Innovation Challenge: Direct Effect Innovation Challenge
    The COMD department is hosting on Saturday, September 21st (9-5PM). We are teaming up with the US Postal Service in hosting this event. There will be two clients and the ideas/work produced by the different teams will be judged by representatives from the industry. We have invited 7 other design schools to send teams to compete to come up with ideas for a client’s integrated marketing campaign.

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