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Hello everyone, my name Christopher Mena. I am currently a full-time student at the New York City College of Technology majoring in Computer Science. Computer Science has always been my passion, but not my first choice. I decided to start Computer Engineering, after many ups and let down, I decided that I would only pursue something that would truly make me happy. I am a very friendly person, who loves going on hiking and explore nature. I love animals and I’m always excited to meet new species. I am very good at swimming and like very much the cold weather. While all of these sound amazing, I am extremely shy at occasions, but once I’m used to an environment, you’ll see the best of me. Statistics is a fundamental area not only for my career but also to the specialization I’m aiming for, which is AI and Data Science. Data Science and AI are both disciplinary fields that uses scientific methods to analyze large amounts of data in various forms that can be either structured or unstructured. With large amount of data is possible to train an AI to take critical decisions that would otherwise be too complex for humans being to analyze all at once. Statistics would play an incredible role is the development of such algorithms capable of dissecting large amount of data and transforming into coherent for both humans and computers to work with.

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    Now that I have some basic knowledge on statistics, my impression on how it will move forward on m,y career has not change. After going throughout many , some of which were tougher than others, I now understand the importance of statistical analysis even more in my future. Data tells a lot about people and their behavior, but knowing how to interpret this data is what makes it useful. I learned many useful techniques on to interpret larges amounts of data that would otherwise tell nothing to the naked eye. We went through many examples of different scenarios and how to each case, how to deal with certain problems and more. I am very glad I took this course and the things I learned in it.


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