Introduction 1372

Hello, my name is Kayla Lewis and I am a sophomore and a full time student at the New York City College of Technology. I want to obtain my associate’s degree in two years and in order to do so I need to take this class, that’s why this course is so important to me. My major is Liberal Arts & Sciences. I’m not sure about what field I want to study in but, I know that learning statistics will only provide me with more opportunities for my future professional career. As for me personally, I love traveling to different countries and states, being around animals, trying new food places, and hanging out with my friends.

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    During this semester I finally found out what I would like to major in for my bacholers. I want to major in public health, so for this major statistics is pivotal because I believe that assisting people and learning about them has a whole goes hand in hand with statistics. I also have realized that statistics is a lot more challenging than I thought and it relates to my everyday life more than I expected. At first this course was very difficult for me and it still is but I am slowly understanding everything more and am even becoming more interested in the topics that we discuss in class.


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