If you haven’t finished Zoraida, READ IT!!  Remember that Tanya Rey will be zooming into our class on Thursday.

With this in mind, come to class with at least 2 questions (written  down!) for Tanya– they can be about Zoraida, her writing process, or whatever you want. Remember that we’ll be doing revisions soon, so if you want to ask her about that, go ahead!

If you haven’t submitted your short story yet, please do (details below).

Also, here is the webpage on character arcs, if you find it useful.

Another way of thinking about plot:

  • the writer teaches readers what to expect
  • something unexpected happens
  • the character reacts
  • something (usually the character) changes from beginning to end.

Remember that you have a revision (graded assignment due on March 12.) This will be 4-6 pages of work.  Keep working on it!