Experience in Internship

I have been to the Image & Visual Communication company for one month. I work six hours one day and I have lunch half- hour. I learned the experience in the internship, going to work would be on time or early, doing your work patiently and carefully. Before you do an assignment, you need to give more ideas in your sketches. Then you choose your best or your supervisor gives you an idea from your sketches. When you finish your assignment, you need to review it and think if it is more perfect. If you think it isn’t good, other people also would think it is not good certainly.  When I do these assignments, I try to develop my themes.

I think we need to obey the boss’s order and you can’t waste the boss’s time if you work in future. It would be best that the boss feel satisfied to you. The internship is the best way to make students learning more skill.

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