Evaluation in the internship

I am honored for have this course of internship in communication design. After my professor recommend, I went to the city tech/ image&visual communication company to have the internship. My supervisor was Professor Al Vargas. I have three months and six hours one day to have training there. I learned how to design some social media assignments. In this process, I reviewed my skill that I learning in college. I was glad that I could do my interest in these assignments. In the internship, I could improve my skill. In the first, I was nervous. Later I could adapt in the company gradually. I learned Work patiently and carefully. When we go to work in future, we need to have good working manners. Don’t be late, do well to get along their bosses and coworkers. 

Yang- Internship 2018 01


What I learned

I learned developing imaginations to an issue in this assignment. And illustrated these ideas in a sketch. I used Illustrator and Photoshop to work after choosing some of them. I had some assignments that designing 2D graphic animation. In this process, I worked by Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. I learned how to do the social media, and create some images. This internship made me know we would have a good working manner in future. I learned working patiently and carefully. 

View to the internship

I have the internship in the Image & Visual Communication company for three months. I think it is useful and helpful. I learn some working manners in the progress. A job is very important in humans’ lives in this society. Looking for a job is concerned with students after they graduate from colleges. Students don’t only need diplomas. They need the skills and experiences. In future, they need to do well to get along their bosses and coworkers.

Journal In The Internship

After I finished this assignment for “Gift Templet”, I received a new assignment of 2D animation. This is a graphic design. My supervisor sent a photo that has some City Tech buttons to me. I used Photoshop masking to cut out these buttons first, then imported this Photoshop to Adobe After Effects and made them moving regularly. I designed a lot of layout in the graphic 2D animation. My supervisor taught me how to correct it and made it be more perfect. In this process, I forgot how to do it sometimes. But I tried to recall the skill that I learn in college. This Monday I finished all assignment.

Journal in the internship

My supervisor gave me the assignment of gift templet for Thanksgivings Day. I made some sketches first. She chose four ideas from them. I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create these images. I always tried to refine how to be perfect. I considered should I make these figures to be big or small and put them left, middle or right. After I did this work, my supervisor gave me a text and made me to put on these images. I made different layouts and showed them to her. I revised them continuously until she thought they were passable.

Experience in the Internment

 My supervisor gives me these assignments for “Donate for students” and “Gift template”.  I researched some information and pondered how to express it. I think inspiration is resulted and developed necessarily in the assignment. Imagination is very important as an advertisement designer. Illustrator is a good expression. People always use illustrator in Advertisement. I learn a experience in the internship. You need to get consonance in ideas with your supervisor. If you finished your assignments, you need to make your supervisor adopted your assignment. So you didn’t waste your boss’s time. If you can have more skill, you would have more chances to find a job future.


Journal in the internship

Holidays is coming now. Every worker is very busy in this company now. They are arranging a lot of assignments about society media. Someone takes photographies, someone designs typographies, someone creates advertisements. My supervisor give me these assignments for “Donate for students” and “Gift template”.  Last week I finished the assignment of “Donate for students”. My supervisor gives me new assignment of “Gift template”. I tried to research the information about “Gift”. I thought this subject had relative with Thanksgiving Day. I think about “Love Heart”, “Food”, “Toy” etc. I drew my ideas in a sketch. Then she chose four from my ideas. I try to do them.

Experience in Internship

My supervisor give the assignment of an issue “Donate for students” to me. This is a social media, it is appealing people donate money for students. If Students have high education, they need a lot of tuition and cost. A lot of students can’t pay for this money even though some students went to get a job. Thanksgiving Day is coming soon.  This topic to illustrate students needs in this society and thank many people’s support. In the Internship, I think associating is so important and consonance is very important among your supervisor and coworkers. Your train of thought need to ability for working in this issue.


Journal in Internship

My supervisor gave me a assignment for a issue that “Donate for Students”. So I always ponder how I can express it. This issue talks about a social media. I associated “Scholarship”, “Financial Aid”, “Metro Card”, “Books”. etc. with “donate” and “students” in thinking. I drew these ideas in a sketch. After I did them, I showed my ideas to my supervisor. She chose two from them. I scanned and outlined and painted color by Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I added a lot of details in these pictures.  When I worked, I tried to recall the skill that I learning in illustrator class in college. The learning in the past just is experience in job today.

Experience in Internship

I have been to the Image & Visual Communication company for one month. I work six hours one day and I have lunch half- hour. I learned the experience in the internship, going to work would be on time or early, doing your work patiently and carefully. Before you do an assignment, you need to give more ideas in your sketches. Then you choose your best or your supervisor gives you an idea from your sketches. When you finish your assignment, you need to review it and think if it is more perfect. If you think it isn’t good, other people also would think it is not good certainly.  When I do these assignments, I try to develop my themes.

I think we need to obey the boss’s order and you can’t waste the boss’s time if you work in future. It would be best that the boss feel satisfied to you. The internship is the best way to make students learning more skill.