A day in the Park

Project 1: Storyboard a Day in the Park



Andy makes a phone call to his girlfriend Jean and makes a time in a park. Andy goes to a floral shop to buy a flower. He goes to the park and waits for Jean. But he waits for long time, he watches his watch. It passes 20 minute. Jean doesn’t come here. Andy looks anxious and disappointment. But he doesn’t want to leave. He continues to wait. He leans against a tree and watches the distant place. He sees a person coming. She is Jean. Andy is very happy and says hello to Jean.He goes toward her. He gives the flower to Jean. Jean picks up the flower. She holds the flower and smells it. Jean feels happy and shy. They sit on a chair and talk joyfully. Andy put his arm on Jean’s shoulder and Jean is smiling. This is a unforgettable time to them.

Write a shotlist