1. Point of view shot- Get a strange message on his phone.
  2. Over the shoulder shot- A car follow him behind at night.
  3. Over the shoulder shot – Car get closer and he notice it
  4. Long shot- camera zoom out, Running away from the car
  5. Medium close up- running and the phone is falling out from the pocket
  6. Close up shot- camera zoom in and follow the falling phone.
  7. Wide shot-            Running back to his house
  8. Medium shot- Closed the door and take a deep breath
  9. Medium shot- Doorbell rang, Watching outside from the peephole
  10. Point of view shot- a strange man is leaving from his front door
  11. Point of view shot- Open the door
  12. Point of view shot- pick up his broken phone and wallet

Storyboard 1


1. Long shot
Walking in the street,
2. Long shot
Stop and smoking against the wall.
3. Medium close up
Camera slowly zoom in, show the detail of the face, smoking and looking at one direction.
4. Wide shot
Two kids walking in the other street
5. Close up
Show bad guy smile, then take a big smoke.
6. Wide shot
Following the two kids from the back
7. Over the shoulder shot
Holding a child with a one hand, the kid shows a scared expression.
8. low angle close up shot
Focus the hand with money in the front. Two kids Sitting behind crying,