Culinary Tourism Fall 2017

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  • Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip
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    Michael Krondl

    please do not post here, follow instructions on field trip menu


    Fatima Ali

    At MAISON KAYSER I saw their food in sale. They had TARTE AU CHOCOLATE, PAV LOVA, MANGODOR, CHOCOLATE CAKE and ADAIGO. Also more desserts. Professor only shared with us two.


    Mildred Caballero

    We started off with Eataly on 23rd street and 5th avenue located near the flatiron building and Madison Square park. Eataly opened up in August of 2010 and has been a place many people from different places have come to visit. It is founded by Oscar Farinetti. The New York location is owned by a partnership including Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich. This location has a variety of things like cheese, pasta, meats, pastries, gelato and many more things.



    Sheveen Vassell

    At Eataly, we visited La Focaccia and had a chance to sample two focaccias from their menu. The first item was their Classica which was topped olive oil and sea salt. The first bite I took of the Classica I noticed how soft the focaccia was and the olive oil was very fragrant and tasty. By the time I finished the Classica I needed water. By chance, the piece I had had too much salt and it over powered the other flavors in the focaccia. The next was the Mutti Peeled Tomatoes & Housemade Mozzarella, which was my favorite out of the two even though it was a little cold. With this focaccia, the flavor of the tomatoes combined with the fresh mozzarella reminds me of one of New York’s most iconic dishes the pizza done better. La Focaccia’s decision to add tomatoes to this dish that was grown, harvested, and bottled in Italy showcases another product that Eataly sells and was a brilliant idea.


    Denisse Criollo

    Eataly looks like a market inside; however it does not look like a conventional market because it reflects some kind of luxury in every corner. Fresh fruits and vegetables never seen before are found here located in a section of the place along with other spaces producing cheese and pasta. Some restaurants are located in strategic areas of the market but they look fancy and expensive to try for someone who is not planning to pay much for a meal. What I do recommend is visiting the pasta area where spaghetti with different colors and shapes are made in front of you. My son loves raviolis, I took the chance of buying one pound of raviolis with a spinach and cheese filling for $12.00. Since I was not really sure about my son being happy with a different ravioli the person who was selling me the product make me eat one ravioli and it tasted like funky cheese with a hint of spinach. If you know anyone who likes Italian food I believe this is the correct place to find the most authentic Italian ingredients such as wines, pesto, olive oil, cheese, etc. Finally, if you love the kitchen and are ready to prepare a delicious Italian dish try getting one of the numerous cooking books located next to the pasta area.



    On our first class field trip we visited a number of places around the Flatiron District. Our first stop was at a small pop-up food market which offers a variety of food and beverages. Just walking around the small market just increase my appetite, the aroma and sight of the food got me craving for food. Our second stop was visiting Eataly, its a huge indoor food market offering variety of products like pastas, olives oils, fresh fruits and raw meat and fish cuts and many more. Our third stop, we visited a famous bakery, Maison Kayser. That is one of my favorite “coffee break” spot on regular day when visiting Manhattan. The pastries offered are close to perfection, very flavorful and fresh. Apart from the pastries, they do offer other food items like soup, salads, and entrees. And after that we make a quick visit to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Union Square Greenmarket.

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