Bio1101 General Biology I

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Bio1101 General Biology I
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Biological Sciences
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Spring 2012
Course Description

Biology 1101 is an introductory Biology course. It focuses on the fundamental principles of biology, including taxonomy, structure, reproduction, heredity, development and evolution. Since Biology is governed by Chemistry, a large emphasis will be placed on basic Chemistry early in the course.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, students will become conversant on the following topics:
1. The Scientific Method and general scientific inquiry
2. General Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
3. Biochemical make-up of organisms (specifically Biological Macromolecules)
4. Organization of cells and classification of organisms based on cellular complexity and organization
5. Energy, energy production and utilization
6. Reproduction
7. Inheritance
8. Molecular Biology (DNA, gene function, gene regulation)
9. Biotechnology and Genomics

The Laboratory associated with this course is meant to reinforce the concepts learned in the lecture and to provide hands-on experience in scientific inquiry and exploration. From the laboratory component, we will better understand data acquisition and data analysis. Most importantly, communication of the findings in the lab will demonstrate the full understanding of learned concepts.

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