Confused about what to write for your exhibition review….

Start with your notes:

What was your over-all impression of the space?

How were the works arranged?

Where there any wall texts or other ‘framing’ devices – a catalogue essay, an artist book?

What struck you the most? What were you drawn to and why?

What would you do differently if you were curating this exhibition?

Write a detailed visual analysis of one work, or a comparative analysis of two works.

You can also: research the artist: who are they, what were their motivations, methods and aims? Look in the library and online.

Press Release

Eisenstaedt_Stieglitz Press Release

Room Sheets

Alfred Eisenstaedt_Portaits of the Past_Checklist
Alfred Steiglitz_Camera Work (1903-1917)_Checklist

Sean Kelly Gallery

Room Sheet

AS Furiously 2019 - Checklist

Review of Alex Soth’s exhibition (New York Times)

Here is a recent example of my visual analysis and critique Carol Rama’s work.

EXAMPLE_Carol Rama

Further examples of exhibition reviews can be found under the exhibitions tab.