Group Work

Here are the groups for the upcoming group assignment

[If you are not allocated to a group, or you have been miss-allocated, then please speak with me]

Group 1: Jasmyn Cooper, Anjali Narine, Gelson Burgis Lisandra Salgado, Vasina Gjoka, Kenny Siu

Group 2: Nina Briggs, Suatcan Isik, Jefry Aguirre, Irin Yela, Venetia Singh

Group 3: Wesley De Jesus, George Merkerson, Tasnia Hussain, Jasmine Leal, Sedra Sakhi, Muhammed Rao

Group 4: Aaron Moore, Rukhsar Khan, Rukiya Graham, Danielle Cox, Gaetan Lamy, Leah Noncent

Group 5: Hilda Jara, Javian (Jay) Pantoja, Herti Shaka, Keanu King, Megan Colwell, Fredenck Cogdell, Gabriel Cortez Jerome