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Painting with Light

This was my favorite image that was taken by my group. We were having trouble capturing his face though because we hadn’t had the strobe light. The flashlight being under him really adds to the distorted emotion. The crown really … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

  This was overall my favorite photograph. The amount of symmetry in this image frames him and she’s off to the left in focus. I love how to elevator doors are both closing at the same time. It was taken … Continue reading

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Gallery Trip

1. Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury, Exhibit: City Stages this was my overall favorite gallery that we saw. I loved the collection because everything was so similar. Everything was at a slow shutter speed and it showed a lot of movement in … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

I personally love this image because it’s so goofy. The distortion is insane. The subject’s heads look too big for its body, and the feet look super small. I love how everything is in focus, it allows the subject to … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

The key light added a really powerful light on the left side of the subject’s face. The background light adds a brighter tone to the background and allow the subject’s back to glow, allowing the the subject to get background … Continue reading

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  I took this photograph with a side soft box lighting. I personally fell in love with this photograph because of the amount of detail in the rose. The depth of field in this photo really allows the viewer to … Continue reading

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I took this photograph in the staircase. As a group we had a really hard time representing symmetry. We didn’t want to incorporate the chair into a white wall like everyone else would. We placed the chair in between both … Continue reading

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A Musician from the 369th Regiment Marching Band, 1977

“A Musician from the 369th Regiment Marching Band, 1977,” was taken by Dawoud Bey, which is part of the Harlem, USA collection.  When I first came across this image, it gave me a hint of sublime. I’ve traveled many times, and … Continue reading

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Growing up in the United States during multiple terrorist attacks, and fighting for, and with other countries, allowed me to appreciate this photograph so much more.  The first thing that came to my mind was 9/11.  I was only in … Continue reading

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