Growing up in the United States during multiple terrorist attacks, and fighting for, and with other countries, allowed me to appreciate this photograph so much more.  The first thing that came to my mind was 9/11.  I was only in second grade when the attack occurred, and I just remember watching the news, and I remember being terrified watching police men, fire fighters, and regular-day people running in and out of the twin towers to rescue people out of the building.
This photograph was taken in Mideast Egypt, “during clashes near Tahrir Square.” This Egyptian protestor was evacuating a young man that had becomes injured.  This photograph’s main subject is the protester rescuing the injured young man. The buildings on the sides of the subject, as well as the smoke, create almost like an arc. The arc that almost frames and allows the subject to stand out and become the most important focus of the whole photograph. The depth of field allows everything to be in focus. Even though everything allows the subject to stand out, and is in fact centered, the framing allows the subject to be the main object in the photograph.
The photograph was taken with a diagonal angel of view.  The angle that the photograph was taken in really allows the viewer to take the information given and turning it into something completely negative on purpose. It allows us to see the distortion that Egypt was going through, and still is going through due to the corrupt government. It almost feel like the people are not stable at all, while trying to fight for their rights.  It gives off a gloomy and overwhelming sensation.

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