I took this photograph in the staircase. As a group we had a really hard time representing symmetry. We didn’t want to incorporate the chair into a white wall like everyone else would. We placed the chair in between both doors of the exit of the staircase. The photograph consists of a low contrast as well as a strong amount of symmetry. Taking this photograph had my anxiety increased due to the extreme amount of compressed space and the amount of repetitive tiles make it feel almost like a cliché movie-like mental hospital. The wide depth of field, I feel, adds a lot more to the environment’s heavy and overwhelming feeling: trapped. Everything is white, repetitive and closed up. I personally love this shot. The focus on the chair is really powerful due to the structure of the surroundings. The feeling in this image is really intense and has the amount of anxiety increased due to the small amount of space. The amount of crop there is also allows this intense mood to come across to the viewer. The tile wall really allows the focus to be on the chair because it is almost like lines coming into the center of the picture to be pointed at.


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  1. rmichals says:

    Great shot and your commentary on it is well-written. Your semester is off to a great start!

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