City Stages
Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury
The photographer photographed the people in motion. The background was very sharp. All the photos were in black and white and it was in long, medium shots. Most of the scenes had something going on, the photographs had an event to something and it made the feel to it that there are a lot of stuff you can do in your daily life. Many of these places are somewhere that you would do for fun are just by yourself to enjoy the moment.

Photographer: Wijnandoo Deroo
The photograph took these photos in a spacious area. Most of these photos are in museums. There are a lot of long shots and most of the photos were symmetric. Many of the photos had wide depth of field and it was mostly in eye level. These images made me feel as if there was a new opening/beginning to a certain place. It makes me feel relaxed because these images showed clean places with high or low contrast and a lot of vertical and horizontal lines.

The Heart and The Eye
Photographer: Henri Cartier- Bresson and Robert Frank in the World
These photographs that were shot in the 1900’s show a lot of hard working people in every picture. In black and white, it shows different age groups of people running some sort of errand. I really like these images because they give me a feel that life is about learning and working and it really shows that these people have some sort of talent. There were shallow depth of field, close up, rules of thirds and medium shots in these photos.

Excerpts from Silver Meadows
Photographer: Todd Hido
These photographs were shot in diffused, cloudy looking days. The mood for these images are gloomy, mysterious and serious. There are lots of shallow depth of field, rule of thirds and medium shots. These photos were taken in such a way that it seems to show that there is some kind of serious weather condition and also that the photographer’s life wasn’t in such a happy state. The nude lady that he took looked very mysterious as well too.

Photographers: Reiner Gerritsen, Adam Magyar, David Molander
This photograph shows a lot of our daily lives. It is shot in a bird eye’s view and eye level view. Plenty of these photos show people busy and very distant from each other. Looking at the other photos such as the fire hydrant blowing up, it is like an illusion that something chaotic happened. Maybe the photographers feel that way in life and to express it, they give the audience their reaction in their photographs


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  1. rmichals says:

    well done. I am wondering if you like the Bresson and Frank images because the people are important where as the other shows where people were featured-in the Pillsbury pictures the people are incidental blurs and in the Metro show the people are close together physically but they are not relating.

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