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portrait lighting for mood

You would chose a portrait with main light, fill and background light when you want the shot to be focused and clear on yourself.  

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Painting with light

I really like this photo of Angel because he has a serious expression and the main focus of this photo is the light. The light is drawn into a ball and it looks like the ball is full of energy. … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

This photo of Henry was taken when he jumped up but because he was too tall, he had to bend his legs while jumping. This photo is great is because it shows motion and also an expression looking at the … Continue reading

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City Stages Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury The photographer photographed the people in motion. The background was very sharp. All the photos were in black and white and it was in long, medium shots. Most of the scenes had something going on, … Continue reading

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motion blur

This photo is my personal best. The aperture was 11 and the shutter speed is 1.3. Together with the settings, it created a motion blur. This photo is perfect because it shows two people not in focus at all and … Continue reading

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I like this picture because the lighting on the face has full light but it is not overly bright. It is also a great picture because you can see the person’s bright eyes and it appeals to the picture since … Continue reading

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A pair of rose.

I like how the lighting in this image makes the roses looks high resolution. The lighting from the side makes the yellow rose more brighter than the red one. This photograph also gives a romantic, yet playful feel to it. … Continue reading

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A Woman at Convent Avenue Baptist Church, 1977

In Dawoud Bey’s photography, what caught my eye was this photo: “A Woman At Convent Avenue Baptist Church, 1977.” This piece of photograph looks very powerful. It reminds me of an event that is very important, that you would actually … Continue reading

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What I like about this photo

I like this image because it gives a high contrast to the viewer’s eye. There isn’t much going on in this picture but the light shining on top of this chair in the middle of the image. This image is … Continue reading

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Image Description

Germany Light Art This image shows contrast of light and dark. You can see the depth of field as you look from the bottom left of the image to the top right that it gradually gets smaller. There are also … Continue reading

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