LL5 Lighting mood

Amera1.I’d like to use traditional portrait lighting, it’s soft and can be used for many types of photos especially, yearbook pictures. The main light, lights the subject from the front while the fill light is usually off to the side and makes the shadows softer, while the background light separates the person or object from the background by illuminating from behind.

2. Side light would be used if I wanted to create serious, mysterious and dimly lit photographs. The main disadvantage of side light is that its difficult to capture important details hidden in the shadows.

3. Front lighting because of its flat look, is usually the most flattering.  Shadows, if any fall to the background away from the person or object.

 4. A wide-angle allows you to capture  full-length portraits of a person.

This picture i took of Amera lulu is stunning! The side lighting created a photograph that is both dramatic and strong.

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