Key Light, this is the main light used on your subject.  It is the brightest light.

Fill Light, the purpose of this light is to fill in the shadows create by the key light.  Fill light should be very soft and very broad.

Background light, this is used to separate the subject from the background.

Broad Lighting, to create a broad light, pose your subject to show three-quarter view of the face.  Light falls mainly on the side of the face is closest to the camera. 3/4 of the face is lit and 1/4 of the face is in shadow.

Short Lighting, to create a short light, pose your subject to show a three-quarter view.  Light falls mainly on the side of the face that further away from the camera.  1/4 of the face is light, 3/4 of the face is in shadow.  It brings out the contours much better than broad lighting.

Rembrandt Lighting, to create a Rembrandt light, post your subject either front view or profile view, set the main light at approximately 45 degrees.  The main light should be place higher than the subject’s head.  45 degree lighting is the triangle of light that should highlight the cheek on the shadow side of the face.

I think this is a good photograph.  The expression, pose and lighting are good.  This photo shows a happy mood. The pose is create a special angle and the background light is good.  Overall, this image is good.

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