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Painting with Light

To take this photo, the shutter speed : 8,  Av : f/8 and the ISO : 100.  I really like the circle which made by light.  The person is standing behind the circle.

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Freezing Motion

For this image, I like the angle, the expression of her. ¬†she looks happy. ¬†From this picture, I can see her hair is moving, also her foot is moving too. ¬†When I took this freezing motion, she is continuing to … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

When we take a photo with the motion, we need to use three things to create a moving subject. ¬†Shutter Speed, ISO and AV. ¬†I took this photo with ISO is 100, Shutter Speed is 2 seconds and AV is … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

1. Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury, Exhibit: City Stages Matthew made long exposure black and white photographs.¬†¬† He took the photos with wide dept of field and long exposure to create a motion.¬† He records the human activity in his images.¬† I … Continue reading

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Lighting for Mood

  To chose a traditional portrait light with a main light, fill and background light to make a professional picture. Key light, it is the primary light source that provides most of the illumination on your subject.¬† Fill light, it … Continue reading

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Key Light, this is the main light used on your subject.¬† It is the brightest light. Fill Light, the purpose of this light is to fill in the shadows create by the key light.¬† Fill light should be very soft … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This photo use high contrast, black and grey color on the background. And also very high contrast on the leave. ¬†Rule of third and I can see very detail on the flower. ¬†This is very focus. ¬†I choose this photo … Continue reading

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This is a good example of Symmetrical, Strong horizontal line, Vertical line and Eye-level.  Also, a high contrast.  The bottom of line very dark.

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Safdar Jang, Study 1 Delhi, India 2006

The title of the photograph is “Safdar Jang, Study 1 Delhi, India 2006”.¬† It taken by Michael Kenna in India.¬† Delhi is a metropolitan region in India.¬† It is the world’s second most populous city and the largest city in … Continue reading

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Angle of View

This photo took from the top.

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