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Painting with Light

To take this photo, the shutter speed : 8,  Av : f/8 and the ISO : 100.  I really like the circle which made by light.  The person is standing behind the circle.

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Freezing Motion

For this image, I like the angle, the expression of her.  she looks happy.  From this picture, I can see her hair is moving, also her foot is moving too.  When I took this freezing motion, she is continuing to … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

When we take a photo with the motion, we need to use three things to create a moving subject.  Shutter Speed, ISO and AV.  I took this photo with ISO is 100, Shutter Speed is 2 seconds and AV is … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

1. Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury, Exhibit: City Stages Matthew made long exposure black and white photographs.   He took the photos with wide dept of field and long exposure to create a motion.  He records the human activity in his images.  I … Continue reading

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Lighting for Mood

  To chose a traditional portrait light with a main light, fill and background light to make a professional picture. Key light, it is the primary light source that provides most of the illumination on your subject.  Fill light, it … Continue reading

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Key Light, this is the main light used on your subject.  It is the brightest light. Fill Light, the purpose of this light is to fill in the shadows create by the key light.  Fill light should be very soft … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This photo use high contrast, black and grey color on the background. And also very high contrast on the leave.  Rule of third and I can see very detail on the flower.  This is very focus.  I choose this photo … Continue reading

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This is a good example of Symmetrical, Strong horizontal line, Vertical line and Eye-level.  Also, a high contrast.  The bottom of line very dark.

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Safdar Jang, Study 1 Delhi, India 2006

The title of the photograph is “Safdar Jang, Study 1 Delhi, India 2006”.  It taken by Michael Kenna in India.  Delhi is a metropolitan region in India.  It is the world’s second most populous city and the largest city in … Continue reading

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Angle of View

This photo took from the top.

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