Up Close in Person


In dealing with portrait there’s many different light we are dealing with. To begin with taking portrait, we have to set up the main light known as the key light. The purpose of the key light is create a small lighting on the darker side of the person face, preferably a shape of a triangle. This allows the darker side of the face more visible. The second light we are dealing with is the broad/short lighting. This require the model to be at a three-quarter angle position. For board lighting the model body position must be face away from the camera and at least one side of the model ear must be visible. When taking board lighting, the placement of the light must be on the side of the model that has the visible ear. While the short lighting is dealing with the placement of the light away from the visible ear. The background light is used to help the viewer to separate the model and the background.  It make the model being more upfront than being blended with the background.

Out of all the photo we taken, I really like the way this photo came out. Having the camera being close up to the person, allow it be fit completely in the image as a whole. Also the way the camera was able to focus on the eye area and blurred out the back.

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