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LL9-Final Evaluation

Please list and describe three concepts that you learned in this class. Include how you think knowing these things will help you in the future.

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LL5-Portrait Basics

Write a post describing in your own words how traditional 3-point lighting is set up. Name and describe the role of each light.

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LL4-Lighting Direction

Post a small version of the best photo you took today. Write a short description of the lighting. How does the light create the mood of the photograph?

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LL3-Brooklyn Historical Society

Write a post of at least 200 words comparing the daguerreotype that you handled today at the Brooklyn Historical Society and any digital photograph that you have taken this semester.  How does the format change the experience of both taking … Continue reading

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Post your most successful photograph from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that uses the contrast of light and dark. Describe why the photograph is so successful. How did you meter it and did you use exposure compensation? why or why not?

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LL 1- Composition

Select what you think is the best photo that you took today. Create a small (in terms of file size-200kb or less) jpg and post it with your description of what makes this a successful photograph. Include at least one … Continue reading

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HW1-Photo Description

Select a photograph of New York by one of the photographers below that you did not work with in class. Look for a photograph that really speaks to you and that you think is very visually engaging. Identify the photograph … Continue reading

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