Best 2 – Lighting 11/13/13 — Darren Parvatan


I chose this image on top as one of my favorite pictures due to the dark nature of the photo. Carolyn sinks into the dark background and along with her facial expression gives the audience a sense of fear. The mood is very shady as her eyes give you this grimacing look yet at the same time obscure. You can’t really decipher whether she’s in pain or she’s just plotting something evil. This picture was captured through side lighting and a gold reflector.



I chose this as my second favorite picture because it the complete opposite of the previous picture. Instead of portraying a dark nature this one is more playful and fun. This picture was shot with a white background from a birds eye view which makes Carolyn’s head appear larger than every other part of her body. The funny facial expression Carolyn gives makes her more approachable due to her portrayed silly nature compared to the last where one might be afraid of her.

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