Our trip to the galleries proved to be a very interesting one. So many wide range of different types of complex and simple yet rememberable photographs. Irving Penns work was indeed fascinating, his work from vogue definitely appealed to young women. Even though most of his work was done in black and white they still captured the same emotion as you would with a photo with color.

Nick Brandts gallery was also an intriguing wall photos. His work in the gallery dealt with a lot about nature in Africa and the personal shots of animals that inhabit it. The pictures of the animals were sometimes peaceful but then their were some that were dark and sad.This was a great exhibit

Rober Polidoris photo gallery consisted of photos of the Versailles palace in france. The photography in this gallery was very colorful and bright. His work was a lot of abstract spaces and different rooms of the palace. And being that some of the photos of the rooms in the palace  were falling apart it gave the photos a more personal feel which always good.

Susan Derges work was the most unique because of the fact that no camera was actually used. I Loved underwater look of the her photos. Her work was always contrasting lights and darks. All her photos also had a sense of purity being that they were all taken underneath water. And her use of shadows brought all her photos together.

Olivio Barbieris work had a lot of self altering to it although most would say that it was cheating but it did do some of his work justice. I would say some of the photos he took of the Alps should of been left with just the mountains and snow covering them. But Overall i did enjoy his work.

Last but not least was Philip Lorca DiCorsia which was my personal favorite. His photographs had so much realism to them. There was a story behind every photograph and I loved that each time I viewed a different one I was challenged to figure it out. And being that he did his work based off of male prostitutes their was a sense of struggle but yet sometimes you can sense a of bit of happiness as well in some of the photos. They were all personal which I think is great element when it comes to taking a picture.


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  1. rmichals says:

    I also find the Lorca-Dicorsia Hustlers series very moving. The photos are posed and yet knowing that these men are not actors heightens their impact.

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