The Journey

My journey on the search for an internship has been a successful one. Although it was a short journey I did learn a few things on the way that will help me in the future for when I partake on this journey once more. I was so optimistic in my search because I was so confident in my resume and my capabilities as a designer I was completely relaxed going in to my interview. Now my initial view of what I expected my interview to be like and what I thought Id be doing at this internship was totally Not what I was expecting. The location was also not what I initially thought either but I realized certain companies have a “Front entrance” and a “Back entrance” which means that sometimes you may have to take the back entrance to get to the front. I don’t considered this in any way as something that is bad because in reality thats how it all starts. My Interview was extremely short and informative in the same instance and I got to see how a few of the machines worked that the company used for printing. I then was introduced to all the workers and designers who seemed pretty much like interesting individuals So I am sure to learn a lot from them. From their I was on my merry way with a schedule and a new job.

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