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  1. The terrific moment of 9/11 comes to my mind, when I see this logo. If I am not thinking of this terrific moment, I like this logo. I like the building appearing from the letter “O”. The pillar gives me a feeling of the tallest one, no other building can compare with this. This is the number one of the World Trade Center. I have no idea what is the meaning of “ONE”. However, when I see this logo, it gives me the feeling that this is the tallest building in New York. We cannot find the other one.
    In fact, the logo evokes a certain feeling for me, it is very sad. Some children lost their parents, and some lost parts of their bodies; this is a very bad feeling. It also let me to remember the event of Tiananmen Square in June 04, 1989. In Beijing, hundreds, and possibly thousands of people were killed in the Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen Square and World Trade Center must not be forgotten in my mind.
    I am not protesting the logo. For me, it is the same meaning of the 9/11 Memorial. I agree that Memorial is not just a list of names. It reminds the people about the event of 9/11. If there is no logo, there is no Memorial. We still can find out what happened at that time on the website, or at the visitors center. I agree with some of the comments in original post. It makes sense that all of these separate memorial elements show at least some form of visual cohesion. In Hong Kong, every year on June 04, they also have an event to remember the students died at Tiananmen Square.

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