Shinn Estate Vineyard Experimental Learning Analysis

The vineyard I decided to visit is Shinn Estate Vineyards located in North Fork (Mattituck), Long Island. Here I had got the experience through the vineyards thats been around for almost two decades. Of course, this is a small vineyard and winery that is family owned and are all about vintage. April 2017, the former owners Barbara Shinn and David Page sold over the vineyard and winery to Randy and Barbara Frankel.

They too now focus on the Biodynamic and organic farming in order for the winemaking process to have an accurate outcome on the viticulture.A fun fact about Shinn Estate is that it is 1 of 3 vineyards that include all ingredients in the back of wine bottle labels. Shinn Estate Vineyards consists of 20 planted acres, a renovated Wine Library. The grape varieties grown here are: Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, and one of my favorites Riesling. And now in June 2017, they introduced their first ever Rosé called Rose Hill Rosé that is a blend of Merlot, Riesling and Chardonnay. It has a dry and crisp flavor with a light after taste. Might be because it has the aroma of strawberry and other tropical fruits.

Because this wine tasted very delicate and unique I was curious about what would be a food pairing for this rosĂ©, and was told by one the employees that it would be best paired with Shellfish such as SautĂ©ed Mussels and even poultry like a chicken salad. I was very surprised when they brought out the Rose because it was said that the rainy days was sometimes a problem when grape growing because the soil would get ‘moldy’ and ‘dewey’ what we would call diurnal temperatureswith plenty of rain shadow. This would cause the grapes to take longer to ripen. This RosĂ© along with the other grapes for the wines are harvested by had, when it through the fermentation stage, it is done with natural yeasts.

The equipment used for the winemaking are stainless steel barrels and the usual oak barrels used for the fermentation process. the grapes are placed one they are selected for wine production. This grapes take longer to ferment using these barrels because it is stainless steel

Looking around I see white wines, red wines, sparkling wines and like mentioned before, the newest addition, the Rosé

In the tasting room, I take a look at some of their wines. I also discovered that their wine can be found around restaurants in NYC such as the Gramercy Tavern, Rainbow Room, Blue Hill and some others mentioned, but can’t remember.

Grape Vines: Here are the grape vines going through the Bud BreakStage. Because the temperatures here are diurnal, sometimes this stage takes longer to take place because heat and sunlight is needed. The weather in Long Island tends to be rainy, which then turns the soil very moldy and too difficult for it to maintain dry for the grapes to ripen.

Wine Testing Menu

Retail Beverage Shop Analysis (Thirst Wine Merchants)

For this Retail Wine Assignment I decide to visit Thirst Wine Merchants in Fort Greene. it was a very small wine shop that is hidden on the Greene Ave. Nel who was the only person there at the moment, helped me out with a few questions. I had the task to look for  specific wines, and he helped me out through the process. Like mentioned before, this is a very small wine shop. There was no one in there, so it was very easy to ask questions to Nel. He was explaining to me that they only specialize in Natural wines. By that he meant organic and biodynamic. Nel also mentioned that they only work with small wineries that’s why the prices are not so high. This wine shop supports small biodynamic farms because it assures the quality of the grape. Thirst Wine Merchants Shop agree that organic wines are way Better than any other wines because they do not contain any chemicals or pesticides in them.

I noticed that as I was walking around, the Wines were all arranged by country and region. that’s when my search for wines became easier. Because most of the bottles were dark, I really had to read the labels carefully to determine what kind of wine it was.

Because we always try different wines, I enjoyed German Wines very much. In fact, I liked Silvaner very much, I decided to buy one. It’s really fruity and Nel mentioned that it has stone fruits and it is very light.

Wine I decided to buy

Pictured here is the Red Wine from Spain, Nas del Gegant. With the vinatage of 2017 and made of a blend of Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Grenache and Merlot. A good food pairing with this can be Grilled lamb or rice with any meat. 
Nas del Gegant

Morphos 2018, is an American Sparkling Wine from the Oyster River Winegrowers. This sparkling wine consists of dry cloudy flavor. It has been said that this Wine still continues to ferment even after being bottled.
Morphos 2018

We have studied about wines in Italy. But never knew that wine was made from Umbria, Italy. This is a white wine with a vintage of 2017.
MargĂł Regio Blanco

Here we have what I would say is the Shelf Talker because they did not really have any wines that stood out. This was the nearest thing to a shelf talker. They also had signs up for wines that they only had a few left of, but they were only on display because they were for sale.
Shelf Talker