Further Your Education and Credentials

If you are successful in this course consider taking one of the industries certifications.

Court of Master Sommelier: The Court of Master Sommeliers elevates the quality of beverage service throughout the hospitality industry with our peerless credentials. We expand the rich heritage of our organization through mentorship, rigorous preparation and examination. We chart the course for current and future Master Sommeliers worldwide.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust: WSET provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits professionals and enthusiasts. We offer a comprehensive suite of qualifications covering wines, spirits and sake.

WSET qualifications are globally recognised as the international standard in wine and spirit knowledge. They are designed for those who are just starting out in their careers, as well as established professionals, and the many enthusiasts who have a passion for wines and spirits.

Society or Wine Educators: The Society of Wine Educators (SWE), founded in 1977, is a membership-based nonprofit organization (501c3) focused on providing wine and spirits education along with the conferral of several certifications. The Society is internationally recognized and its programs are highly regarded for both their quality and relevance to the industry.

Baden Baden Winery Tour

I am ready for my visit to the Baden-Baden region of Germany. My boots are for vineyard tours and my flashcards are for my classroom lessons. During this visit I am one of two educators from the United States to participate along with educators from around the world. I will do my best to represent you well and to bring back my learning to share with you.  Please follow me on Instagram @profgoodvino, I will be blogging during the week.

On April 10 you have the the privilege of learning from Prof. Chris Struck who is a sommelier at Union Square Cafe and teaches the Service Marketing class, HMGT 4702. He is a powerhouse, I am sure your will be impressed. You can follow him on Instagram as well, @chris_struck .

I will have limited access to email and the internet from April 10-16. Please contact me before that if you have any questions.