Baden Baden Winery Tour

I am ready for my visit to the Baden-Baden region of Germany. My boots are for vineyard tours and my flashcards are for my classroom lessons. During this visit I am one of two educators from the United States to participate along with educators from around the world. I will do my best to represent you well and to bring back my learning to share with you.  Please follow me on Instagram @profgoodvino, I will be blogging during the week.

On April 10 you have the the privilege of learning from Prof. Chris Struck who is a sommelier at Union Square Cafe and teaches the Service Marketing class, HMGT 4702. He is a powerhouse, I am sure your will be impressed. You can follow him on Instagram as well, @chris_struck .

I will have limited access to email and the internet from April 10-16. Please contact me before that if you have any questions.

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