Blog of the Day: 5 Reasons Why Learning Coding is Important

Technology is everywhere in today’s society. With a push to integrate technology into both our personal and professional lives, a need for software that fulfills all of the many requirements has been created. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that you have to be good at math to be able to learn to build software.

1. Improving your digital literacy is important

Digital literacy is your ability to manage information successfully, using technology. Learning to code means that you are automatically going to become more in tune with your computer. You will explore more tools and applications than you would use on a daily basis as an average home user, and that will translate to an improvement in your digital literacy. This not only will improve your own usage of your day to day technology, but it means that when you are exposed to new tech, you will be more eager to adopt it and experiment with it.

2. If you can learn another language, you can learn to code

Scientific studies have been done in both Germany and the United States which have proven that the same areas of the brain that we use to process other written and spoken languages, such as Spanish or Korean, are the same parts of the brain which we use for understanding coding. The term ‘programming languages’ makes sense, in this context. These are languages that we use to communicate, however instead of communicating between two people, we are communicating between a person and a device. The programming language that we use is our way of telling the computer what it is that we want it to do.

3. It is a skill that will always be relevant

Understanding the intricacies of how software works means that the ever-increasing demand in every industry can be served by the knowledge acquired. There will always be a need for developers, because our need for apps and software is steadily growing. Regardless of what background you have, the ability to contribute to software means that you are always employable, always able to create and advance technology and always able to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

4. It makes you a creator of the Internet, not just a consumer

If you have ever felt that you were at the mercy of the software on your computer, then learning to code is the easiest and quickest way to rid yourself of that negative perception. Not only does knowing how to code mean that you are able to solve your own problems and craft solutions to your standards and needs, but it also means that you now have the ability to craft solutions for other people.

5. It opens up a world of possibilities

Whether it is for personal growth and development, career advancement, career change, or just a desire to improve digital literacy, knowledge of how software works and the ability to contribute to developing new software means that there is no limit to the impact that you can have

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