Girls Who Code Club is a FREE after-school program for college freshman female students and 6-12th grade girls.

City Tech Girls Who Code club is affiliated with international Girls Who Code non-profit organization, thus providing our own freshman females and young females from high school a platform to work and explore coding in a fun and friendly way, right here at City Tech.

This club impacts the community, joining the movement with our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models to help close the gender gap in tech.

This club not only gives the female students a platform to work on but also confidence, skills, and traits that would help them in the long run.  “Can a programmer only be a man with a hoodie?”  Usually that is what we think of when we think of a programmer, however it is a false assumption. Ada LoveLace was the first programmer ever! With the help of clubs like this, we can shape our young females into strong women in technology.

Girls Who Code Club helps you turn your ideas into reality, taking one step at a time. You learn about the different coding platforms used, and how you can use that to build your projects and ideas.  Learning coding can help these females succeed in business, entrepreneurship, engineering, leadership and teaching, and any field of work they set  their eyes on, as they choose their career paths.

Each student gets individual attention from their facilitator, guiding them in every problem that occurs. It’s never too late to start, even if you don’t know anything about programming. This club encourages and helps females start even from the basics of programming, helping them become confident in everything that they do, through programming.

For more information and any questions or to find out how to get started, please contact any of the following club advisors:

  • Professor Farrukh Zia | FZia@citytech.cuny.edu
  • Professor Farjana Ferdousy | FFerdousy@citytech.cuny.edu