Blog of the Day: Women In Tech – Tarah Wheeler

Working in cybersecurity is a calling, not a profession. At least, this is what Tarah Wheeler believes! Tarah realized that there was a lack of information between the consumer and the product makers about the potential for security breaches. She has dedicated her life to filling this knowledge gap.

Each day, she wakes up and takes on the responsibility of protecting the security of her users. Her company protects nearly 16 billion online interactions from being hacked or manipulated daily.

Currently, Tarah serves as the Principal Security Advisor and CEO at Red Queen Technologies, and writes books and articles about cybersecurity. Previously, Tarah worked at Microsoft Game Studios and founded Infosec Unlock, an initiative to recruit diverse speakers into the information security industry.

Watch the video below to hear Tarah advocate for more secure business practices, products, and consumer habits!

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