Self Evaluating #6

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

When you are doing an internship, there are bound to be times where you are confused about your assignment. One of these for me was copywriting for a grant to get approval of the project we were going to start for the non profit organization. I wasn’t sure on how to start writing a grant and I was stuck on this first paragraph for a good hour. My supervisor was currently away, and I wasn’t able to ask her for advice. The other interns weren’t on at this time, as it was early morning where I logged on to work. Although it felt very difficult to come up with an idea or a foundation to start, I just started looking online for resources to help me guide the way.

I was impressed with the ways people could start a proposal in different ways. But for myself to evaluate, it was a lot more difficult. The first thing is that I never got to meet the people we were writing a grant to, as it was another intern that had that meeting with them. The only details I got was what happened during that meeting, and it was lots of information to remember. However, once I got started, I made a different alteration to thank the person for willing to partner with our non profit organization.

When my supervisor came back, I showed her what I got so far. She was satisfied with the way I approached the writing at the beginning. My supervisor then gave me some more details about the grant, and what to include into the proposal. The self evaluation I gave myself was a lot lower for expectation than what my supervisor had in mind for my work. Overall, this is a good take away for me, as I get to learn more about proposal writing and how to critique myself better in the future.