Remote Internship With A Partner #5

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Being a part of a group effort for a project is a difficult task. Not mentioning that this is also a remote experience for me. Many of the other interns are remote as well. This has its pros and cons. Most people are happy that they don’t have to commute to go into the office, which is a bonus. But the downside to this is that the remote experience doesn’t help with explaining things at times. For example, using Adobe programs is much easier to explain when you are in person than on a Zoom call. The way you show someone to use a program is much more effective if you are in person with them.

There was this one assignment that required me to work on creating a mockup for a website. The request was to try to make it as a replica of the website. The issue with doing this was the amount of text they gave for us to include. One of the challenges was that I was working with a partner, and they had a hard time trying to align text onto the baseline in InDesign. As we are on Zoom, he was trying to fill in one of the pages, but was struggling to do so. As the text didn’t align from one paragraph to another. I shared with him what I do to get to the baseline grid to snap, but in the end he didn’t have that option on his InDesign’s program. Took us a few minutes to figure out what was the issue, it was that his shortcut key didn’t work, but opening it in the settings for the baseline grid shows up. It was also difficult as he was using a MacBook, and was in their campus’ cafeteria. Making it difficult to hear him clearly and that the operating system is different from the Windows computer that I use. The keys are slightly different, as well as differences in shortcuts in InDesign.

Overall, the way the internship is set up remotely makes it harder at times to collaborate with each other. But the pro is that people are more flexible with their scheduling as they don’t have to commute to be in person.