Role Model #7

Photo by chaitanya pillala on Unsplash

Being able to find someone that takes interest in your work during my internship is something that I will always remember. As this is my first internship, the way the supervisor and other interns appreciate and take time to explain about their opinion I have submitted is heartwarming. From not being confident with my work, I began to slowly get more and more comfortable with the work I created.

But with many kind people from all different kinds of personalities, the one that stood out to me is the manager that works with me and a few other interns. He would be the role model for me as he is a great mentor. Being able to task assignments that seem difficult, to make it smaller and more manageable steps. It makes a difference when you have someone to mentor you. On top of this, he also backs us up when we have to present to the supervisor. If we weren’t clear about the presentation, he would step in for us and make it easier to digest for the supervisor. On top of that he explains to us how we should be approaching that kind of skill. Not only is he a good mentor, he also makes the work environment more fun. Being able to tell jokes, sharing experiences he has throughout the day, upcoming interesting things. I find that having those balances makes him a great manager. I would like to be able to communicate as well as he does with other people. Slowly taking the steps to become a better me for others to view the workplace more heartwarming.