Learning Inclusion #4

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

It comes with no surprise that when you are on a team, you are bound to have different ideas and different knowledge in a particular topic. One of the biggest themes about working with an organization that is primarly helping people with special needs is that there is an importance of being inclusive. As there aren’t many people with formal training in the internship about the disability community, it was important for me to learn more about this. Many well known areas would have good inclusive access for the disabled, but many places in New York City do not have that access.

Part of the internship is to identify what the city could be improving to be more accessible. One of the projects we had was partnered with the Historical House Trust. One of the issues with HHT is the fact that they are lower budget than something like MoMa (Museum of Modern Arts), the lack of fundings, workers and acknowledgement makes it more difficult to assess what it is missing for a more inclusive access for the disabled community. 

One of my favorite things about the internship is the ability to communicate. I get to meet spectacle artists. The disabled community is well versed, they have motivating goals and aspects that for a graphic designer, I am very honored to work with. They give aspects where I didn’t think were possible. Amazing people in this amazing community is what gives me a good smile. They make it so positive, in a world where there are a lot of negatives and bad interpretation towards disabled communities.