The Review

For this review, I decided to walk the route that was presented by my fellow intern, Kevin. This route is a simple and easy way to get from City Tech to the Borough Hall train station without having to deal with crowds or too many distractions. It also gives you the chance to view many significant landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge or the Christopher Columbus statue. Even though I had already viewed many of these aspects before, I had to imagine that I am not familiar to the area that the route was taking me through. With this in mind, I could focus and appreciate the important things that the route brings up. As a result, it would allow me to learn more about the environment.

When I first began the walk, I was able to easily follow most of the directions given. From the starting point, the direction I was supposed to go in was fairly described and helped me to visualize what I needed to keep an eye out for even before I saw it. This descriptive language is what carries me through the rest of this route. He emphasized the details of certain areas on the block that indicate where I am supposed to turn or where I should pay a little more attention to. The only thing I may suggest is that he adds a bit more description to support the the directions he was trying to convey. At times I found my self taking a pause to try and find where I last left off in the instructions. It was as if I was left on edge for a brief moment but then found my way after careful observation.

For this route, The time of day that it was taken properly complemented the very details that needed to be witnessed. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge caught my attention because it was so easy to spot in day light. However, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t have me in awe with the glistening lights during the night. In my opinion, following directions in this specific area is easier to accomplish during the day. This way it can be properly understood and taken again at any other time. This route especially can be taken at any point because once you understand it, you can take more time to appreciate the man made beauty as well as the peacefulness that is mentioned in this Aesthetic mapping.

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