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Transparency and Composition Project

This work shows how can linear expressions can become two dimensional shapes and contain graphic design variables. Using gouache paint, this painting shows transparency in between the different shapes.

It’s amazing how small lines and doodles become one  to create an masterpiece. I found this project to be one of the most fun projects I had to do in class, the fact that we where able to choose on which colors we could work with its amazing. It was hard to manage the balance in between each color, and the transparency of each object. But I’ve learned a lot on how to control the colors. Choosing the placements in where the different shapes should go was the hardest part, since it was hard to balance them all out.

Tone was also  pretty important, specially in the background, depending on the color chosen , you could blend the background into the shapes, or you could make the shapes pop up. I feel satisfied with this project-Yes, the colors could had been a little been more intense, but the overall project was not as bad as I thought. The hardest part of this project was selecting sections that would blend in with 3 colors. When using two shapes to blend in two colors was essay, however, when it comes with 3 colors it was harder because there was a little bit of space where to choose from. I solved that by selecting smaller pieces like the circles and small dashes to save up space.

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