About Me

It passes before it’s notice; a slight raise of eyebrows, a widening of the eyes.It may be accompanied by the most imperceptible inhalation. The heart adds a beat, like a quiet exclamation point on experience.
Within a 10th of a second reaction haves passed, but not without leaving its mark.
Someone found what they looking for.
Does my OpenLab generate impulses in act? it can.

Straight out of Italy, born in 1996, I am Giulia Bentoglio, A city tech communication design student with a playful and colorful mind. Art and fashion have always been two things that have impacted me early on, now I want to give and create the best of what the world teachings from my humble experiences.
From anime pen and paper drawings, to the most professional abstract pieces made in illustrator. I’m here to learn it, make it all and more to become , possibly the best in my future career: Advertising.