Course Schedule

Course Schedule:
* = Class meets at Brooklyn Historical Society (
# = Online class session

8/30     Opening Ceremonies [Class Notes]
9/1       Jennifer Egan, “Reading Lucy” [Summary Assignment]

9/6       They Say/I Say pp. 1-30 [Class Notes]
9/8*     BHS Visit 1: Introduction to the Brooklyn Historical Society
Elliott Shore, “Same Object, Different Audiences”

9/13     Essay 1 Due (Paper #1 Assignment)
Meg Norcia, “Cracking a Civil War Code” [Class Notes]
9/15#   Jorge Luis Borges, “The Library of Babel” and “Funes, The Memorius”
They Say/I Say pp. 30-67 [Assignments]

9/20     Gabrielle Dean, “The Archeology of Archival Practice: Disciplinarity and Disorder” [Class Notes]
9/22#   Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, “Hamlet.doc? Literature in a Digital Age” [Assignments]

9/27     Beagrie, Neil.  “Plenty of Room at the Bottom? Personal Digital Libraries and Collections.” D-Lib Magazine 11:6 (June 2005).
9/29     No Class

10/4     No Class (Follow a Friday Schedule)
10/6*  BHS Visit 2: Historical Overview of the 1876 Brooklyn Theatre Fire
They Say/I Say
pp. 68-91 [Assignments]

10/11   Essay 1 Rewrite Due [Assignments]
Library Visit (Meet at the Linda Schwerin Library)
They Say/I Say pp. 92-120
BHS Visit 3: Continued Examination of the 1876 Brooklyn Theatre Fire Records
They Say/I Say pp. 121-150

10/18   Excerpts from Steven Johnson, Ghost Map
“The Ghost Map: An Animated Introduction”
John Noble Wilford, “How Epidemics Helped Shape the Modern Metropolis”

10/25  Essay #2 Due [Assignment]
Richard Preston, “Crisis in the Hot Zone”
10/27* BHS Visit: Reading Historical Maps

11/1     Midterm Exam
11/3*   BHS Visit 5: Reading Historical Maps 2
Geoff Manaugh, “This Diseased Utopia: 10 Thoughts on Swine Flu and the City”

11/8     Michel Foucault, from Discipline and Punish
11/10# Mary Louise Pratt, “Arts of the Contact Zone”
They Say/I Say pp. 151-192

11/15   Readings from the George Mason Blackout History Project
11/17# Revision of Paper #2

11/22   Readings from the George Mason Blackout History Project
Essay 3 Due
11/24   No class

11/29   BHS Visit 6: Gabriel Furman Papers
Harry de Quetteville, “Wayward Alzheimer’s patients foiled by fake bus stop”
12/1#   Geoff Manaugh, “The Island of Forgotten Diseases”

12/6     Final Project Presentations
12/8#   Final Project Due
Final Project Presentations

12/13   Final Exam – Part 1
12/15   Final Exam – Part 2

12/20   Closing Ceremonies

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