Class Notes – 9/13/11

Today’s Readings:

For Thursday:

1. Use They Say/I say templates to write two substantive comments on the blog posts of other students. Try to stimulate dialogue and discourse. Include links where appropriate.

Good blog comments:
— Let the author know what you appreciated about the post and what you didn’t like
— Notify the author about missing information
–Ask questions
— Disagree with something the author wrote and explain why you disagree

Remember to use They Say/I Say templates!

2. Take the SAFA survey if you haven’t already done so (link in discussion forum)

3. Reading for Thursday (online class):

  • Jorge Luis Borges, “The Library of Babel” and “Funes, The Memorius” (PDFs posted under the “Readings” tab. Email Prof. Gold if you’ve forgotten the password.
  • They Say/I Say pp. 30-67

4. Participate in our discussion forum on Borges’s story with at least two substantive comments. Remember that participation constitutes attendance for online classes.

Forwarding City Tech email to another account:

If you are not in the habit of checking your City Tech email you can forward it to an account you check more frequently.
How to Forward your Email
1. Sign into your email account, and click on Options
2.Click on create an inbox rule.
3.Create a new rule.
4.Choose Apply to All under When Messages Arrive
5.Select Redirect the Message To under Do the Following
6.Enter the email address you would like your mail forwarded to in the To field
7.Click OK. This will save what you’ve done and return you to the New Rule window.
8.In the New Rule window click Save.
Test whether or not the new rule works by sending yourself an email. If you receive it at your chosen destination, you’re set to go!


How to add a photo to a blog post:



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