Assignments for Thursday, 9/22/11

Remember that Thursday’s session is an online class.

1. Complete all previous reading and assignments that you have not yet finished.

2. Sign up for email notifications of new blog posts if you wish (see link in the right-hand sidebar).

3. Read Matthew Kirschenbaum’s “Hamlet.doc? Literature in a Digital Age”

4. Write a blog post that proposes three types of documents or artifacts we should save from a current figure (a writer, an architect, an artist, a plumber, a shipfitter — whoever). Justify and argue for your choices by referring to our our recent readings on archives and memory — including articles fromArchive┬áJournal, Borges’s “Funes, the Memorious” and “The Library of Babel”,” and Kirschenbaum’s piece), along with your experiences of visiting the BHS archives. This should be written as a persuasive essay about a specific artist/architect/writer/whomever. Please categorize your post as “Student Post” and tag it as “safabhs, archives,” and whatever else you want.

5. Comment on at least two posts by your fellow classmates.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.


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4 Responses to Assignments for Thursday, 9/22/11

  1. hmoller says:

    By when does this have to be done?

  2. Prof. Gold says:

    The post should be finished by 5pm today. I’ll relax the deadline a bit since we’re still settling on the format of our online classes and I didn’t announce the deadline previously.

  3. ervinhot says:

    so is the deadline at 5pm?

  4. Prof. Gold says:

    Yes, the deadline is 5pm today, but for this week only, I won’t penalize late work submitted before Sunday at 5pm.

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