Zuccotti Park Emptied Out

In this speech posted on YouTube, the mayor, Michael Bloomberg gave an explanation why the eviction of the protesters happened so early in the morning on November 15, 2011. he said that the protesters had to leave Zuccotti Park because the park had to be cleaned and it would reopen shortly after the park was cleaned. The mayor also said that if the protesters want to continue with the protest, they have to protest without any tents or sleeping bags and follow the park rules. The law that made the park states that the park is available to everyone at all times of the day everyday and the since the protest started they have taken over the park. Then Bloomberg starts to use the first amendment against the protesters by saying that it only allows them to protest but not take over a park with tents and sleeping bags.  This showed that he is against the protest and wanted it to stop.


This article in the Huffington Post explains about the court order to  dismantle every protester from Zuccotti Park because the first amendment does not allow them to camp out in the plaza. the police cleared out the protesters at one in the morning because they didn’t want any major confrontation. Mayor Bloomberg said that he ordered the eviction because of health and safety conditions and because they have become “intolerable” in the plaza.  After the ruling came down, the protesters were allowed back in the park.


This article explains the process that took place in order for the protesters to get back into the park. The police opened the gates of the park a little after darkness struck on the same day that the protesters were taken out of there. The 750 protesters walked in a single file line and those who had large backpacks or vasts amounts of food were not accepted in. As the evening came the protesters ate pizza and huddled up into groups, and around 11 p.m. a group marched north on Broadway to One Police Station. There wasn’t a plan on how to occupy the park but they stayed there anyway and two churches opened up their doors to let the protesters sleep in there. After midnight only about 100 protesters stayed in the park and said that they won’t sleep all night and wait till dawn. Some of the protests’ main people weren’t there that night and someone had said that they were taking the night off because they deserved it. It has now been a week and the protest still continues and I hope it continues on.

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