Two Month Anniversary – The Wall Street Story

Last Thursday marked the two month anniversary of the occupy wall street protests. many protesters took to the streets and marched through Broadway to Foley Square. theyre chants and raves were derived from many a college student as well as teachers, unemployed workers and even grade school students.

“We have power, we have friends, nothing will stop us, we fight till the end,” was one of the chants the students made as they made their way to foley square. The group referred to themselves as the “children’s brigade.” They were formed on oct 3 by parents in support of the protests. They believe students from grades K-12 should have a voice among the community alongside and as powerful as that of the college students. according to Huffington post the “children’s brigade” made much noise amongst the protesters, both literally and figuratively. as they banged their drums along the march they demanded better schools and, something that caught my eye, funding for performing arts. this is something i personally think is fundamental in education.



This source was written by Dan Beucke, a blogger who follows the wall street protest in his blog, “The Wall Street Protest: Wealth Debate.” This was published in bloomberg businessweek. Beucke tries to weigh in the pros and cons of the protests, but after a while i could tell that his tone was biased and in favor of the protesters. according to him, debit card fee’s were eliminated by banks after hearing the constant uproar of the protesters and we should thank them for the change. the country’s whole perception of the economy and how the nation’s money flows has changed, no more cutting deficits. this is also thanks to the protesters, beucke states. a major con the protesters have though, is it’s public perception and violent outputs. organizers stress none violence but not all protesters might comply. this can lead to a major issue and it doesn’t make the protesters look any better. violence is shown from both sides, the protesters and the riot police. with the growth in the number of protesters and the implamantation of groups like the “children’s brigade”, i believe the chances of somebody getting hurt greatly increases.



Andrew Katz summarizes the protesters actions and evolution throughout these last two months. The title itself implies that the best days of the protests are over. The protesters are losing power and public attention.


“A drifter could attend the open meeting and have as much say as an occupier in how thousands of dollars were spent.  ”


This quote, I believe, really describes the reason many people are losing interest in the protests. Lack of credibility and structure.


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