Class Notes – 11/22/11

Occupying Campus Space

Difference between Zuccotti Park before and after:
clusters — lost something really big. Mood different. People sitting alone.

Library/Information gone

Removal of Protestors from Zuccotti Park:

Analysis of video:
Music: Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” – description of NYC as happy vs. violence. If you can make it in NYC. If you can make the protest work in NYC, you can make it work anywhere. Open to public

Video: the police occupying the park. everywhere. imposing force surrounding entire park

Last image: ironic — planting flag meant to represent freedom, but police officer attacks him not just for planting flag but for what planting the flag represents

Shows hostility of police office officers to protestors

Rhetoric: shows protestors as peaceful, officers as excessively aggressive. Milk washing

Are individual officers at fault? Chain of command
How far are officers willing to go?

Berkeley Protest: does the appearance of riot patrols at protests incite violence?

What is being accomplished here?

Feelings of officers — frustrations

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