During our last visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society i looked at maps that were intended to advertise these residences. maps that showed several city blocks with hundreds of units, these row house unit divisions where also accompanied with text on the back. offering a better healthier life in suburban Brooklyn residences; since Manhattan was becoming over crowded and sickly. this illustrated the expansion of new york as a whole. There must have been a dire need for housing, considering there was a map with 500 units of houses on about 6 blocks. I believe they where intended to be single family dwellings, one advertises over 42 models of cottages. so let say an average family of five multiplied by 500 units is 2500 people on 6 blocks, or more.

Another article I looked at was a architectural diagram of different sewage tunnels cross sections located in a small section of Brooklyn. it diagrammed the routes of the tunnels, and the placement of different sections in. it also illustrated a bisection of two tunnels and how the passage would look. these diagrams where on some type of cloth. and done expertly in ink that had not faded. there was also a blue print of a home, that was very difficult to read. both the text and the architectural plan where no longer in good condition.

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