Architecture Expo

A fairly new event is taking place at the Brooklyn
Historical Society building. Besides looking through the archives upstairs, at
the first level, there is a presentation composed of many different contemporary
ideas available. There is, as you probably suspected an architectural theme
that’s related to Brooklyn, and it ranges from photographs of old buildings
together with modern ones, detailed scale models of buildings facades, and even
written opinions regarding the new constructions under development in the area.
Now in my opinion, both of these particular ways of coming across this information,
is great. On one hand, looking through the archives gives you the freedom to
develop your search creating more questions and pursuing more answers. On the
other hand the exposition wouldn’t directly encourage you to go onward, however
it gives you information that is visual and straight to a point, almost giving
you a museum like experience. These are both great ways of giving the public
information even though they use different ways of approach.

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