CONTEXT\CONTRAST New Architecture in Historic Districts 1967 to Present

This exhibit concentrates on the land marked districts in new york, and how modern buildings attempt to accommodate the style of the neighborhood it exist in. this was an attempt to Gauge the appropriateness of these structures in relation to what was already there. They looked at 5 different neighborhoods around New York, SoHo, The South StreetSeaport, Brooklyn Heights, The Upper East Side, and Douglaston.

Living in one of the neighborhoods I Had a first had look at many of these building before visiting. Soho is a great example of a land marked district, but people keep pushing the boundaries. empty lots that have existed for many years are not landmarks, and several modernized condominiums have been built. The picture below is a map of SoHo with the different building included in the exhibit. i Put a red dot to illustrate my position in relation to the others. I have witnessed the construction of all most all of these buildings, some are a bit before my time. They stand out in SoHo because of there obvious modernized construction techniques and materials, while trying to remain true to the neighborhood.


This is the SoHo Mews, it is the most resent construction ive seen in SoHo. You Can see hoe it attempted to imitate the building besides it. Before it was the SoHo mews it was a giant parking lot. It is also one of the taller buildings in SoHo, except maybe the SoHo Grand, just across West Broadway from it.


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